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  • Roxane Rivers (Wednesday, March 18 20 04:26 pm EDT)

    Bent over and limping in pain, I dragged my strained quadricep to the Dr.’s office. I was referred by Philmorfit Gym & Wellness Center. I received dry needling and bio freeze. I felt a little better. After 5 weeks with Dr. Mahipat, I can do so much more and I have minimal difficulty. I love love love what she has done for me❤️

  • Sidney Easter Jr. (Tuesday, February 11 20 04:08 pm EST)

    This is my third week of physical therapy, which was recommended from a resent MRI I had a month ago. I have inflammation in my left shoulder , well it seems the treatment i'm receiving has improved the pain. Just this weekend, I was on the dance floor for an entire record, without getting tired, it's been 4 years since I rocked the floor. Thank you Dr. Mahipat

  • Victoria Ofili (Friday, February 07 20 11:15 am EST)

    I brought my mum to Dr. Mahipat because I had read nice reviews on her and so decided to give her a try with my mum. After my mum's first visit she felt good and was no longer hurting as before. Dr. Mahipat is very caring, I like the service that was provided for my mum.... likewise her staffs are nice and so engaging with the patients. Thank you Dr.Mahipat so much for your care. I will definitely recommend Dr. Mahipat to my friends and family members who may need her services.

  • Dr. Jawad Abdullah (Wednesday, January 15 20 01:46 pm EST)

    A Phenomenal Doctor of purely gifted hands, equipt with an array of healing gadgets, an illustrious selection of modalities, and undoubtedly certifiable techniques in the conduct and engagement of her homeo-medical practice. In all my years, today I had the distinct and honorable pleasure to meet and spiritually connect with a person of similar sourjourn, on this my life journey. Dr. Marlene I gather is a profound and highly recommended professional, and an absolutely superb sister doctor friend. Today is indeed a wonderful day. I have been blessed to meet based on a recommendation, and bear witness to her passionate and professional acumen. I humbly pray, wish and hope for her continued success in 'All' of her current and future endeavors. Creator Willing.

  • David Bryant (Sunday, October 14 18 02:09 pm EDT)

    Dr. Marlene Mahipat is one of the best Doctors I ever had in my lifetime. She is very caring and gives A+ quality treatments to all of her patients. Her skills, abilities, and knowledge in the chiropractic field are top class, excellent and marvelous. I could not see myself with any other doctor and would recommend everyone with any back pain to see her.

  • Emma Ngaujah (Monday, June 04 18 01:49 pm EDT)

    Dr. Marlene Mahipat is not only skilled in her field, but also has a compassion for all of her patients. As a runner, it's important to find a doctor that understands your wellbeing and knows how much stress your body can handle. Dr. Mahipat goes up and above. My body is always intuned because of her. Thank you Dr. Mahipat for your awesome care and passion for me as well as the patients I interactive with.

  • Ronshea Ballentine (Monday, June 04 18 01:46 pm EDT)

    I love this office , Dr.Marlene is So nice and sweet to you .

  • Natarsha Wright (Monday, March 06 17 09:49 pm EST)

    Mediquest LLC , located 5310 Old Court Road Suite 301, Randallstown, MD 21133, is an established Chiropratic and Physical Therapy Facility, friendly oriented astomosphere and loving staff. Dr. Marlene Mahipat has gifted hands to take care of your needs. She has a patient and love for people and missionary to care for other's outside of her practice on the days, she is not in the office working to care for the needs for so many. I was diagnosed with MS (Muscular Sclerosis), 5 years ago and have seen other Physical Therapist, who tried there best to treat my specialty condition with little success. I have been seeing Dr. Mahipat for the last couple months and she has made a big difference with her ancient medicine Therapy. She truly put 200% in wellness for all of her patients and always find time within her busy pratice to talk attend to your extra needs. I highly recommend if your are having any type of back issues, muscular issues or nerve damamge, Dr. Mahipat will get you on back track for a healthier you.

  • Yasmin (Monday, October 24 16 02:32 pm EDT)

    I have nothing but great things to say about this office and the staff! I have had about three sessions so far and even after my first visit with Dr. Mahipat, I felt so much better! I have been in a
    considerable amount of neck and back pain after a recent car accident. My pain level was like night and day after my 1 visit with Dr. Mahipat. Overall one of the best experiences/doctors I have ever
    had. Dr. Mahipat really cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to make sure you are feeling better before you leave her office. She is so sweet and caring and that speaks volumes for me.

  • Nataly (Thursday, October 13 16 10:54 am EDT)

    After my first visit with Dr. Mahipat, I am ALREADY feeling so much better! I have been in a considerable amount of back pain for the last 9 months, and 1 visit with Dr. Mahipat has me feeling
    amazing. From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for this wonderful woman and her beautiful and caring staff.

  • Charissa (Thursday, September 22 16 11:44 am EDT)

    There are not enough words to express how I feel about Dr. Mahipat.

    I started seeing her at 36 weeks pregnant to ensure a greater chance of a vaginal delivery. After delivering my son, I could not understand why he cried so much and did not like being or sleeping on
    his back. Dr. Mahipat suggested before she knew how the baby was doing after birth, to bring him in to get checked out when I felt better. I took him to Dr. Mahipat at 10 days old and explained how
    he was presently doing. She explained that because they had to use the vacuum procedure to get him out, he had neck pain comparable to an adult being in a severe car accident. She stared treatment
    with 3x a week. He progressed to 2x a week, then once a week. His neck healed within 4 -5 months, thank God! Currently today at 15 months, Dr. Mahipat sees him twice a month for regular adjustments
    to make sure he develops into a healthy happy man.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Mahipat!

  • Shalonda (Monday, July 25 16 10:48 am EDT)

    Dr. Mahipat, very caring of her patients. After no success with another Chiropractor, Dr. M was recommended. Heaven has arrived. I've been dealing with neck and back chronic pain, which I've been
    getting shots for years. Since Dr. M. I have not felt better in years. My Pain Management Doctor could really tell the Difference. When your Doctor asks for Dr. M's card. Priceless. Thank you Dr. M
    for bringing my body back to life, it's been over 10 years constant PT/Chiropractors. Dr. M's techniques, 2 months and still improving more and more. Family/Friendly environment. Pleasant Staff and
    the Doctor that cares enough to help you with your individual needs to make life better when dealing with the body inside and out! Patient for Life!

  • Tonya Mc (Wednesday, December 09 15 04:34 pm EST)

    I just love Dr. Mahipat! In just 1 visit my daughter's knee & back felt good as new. She is so friendly and truely cares about her patients. She's the best! My daughter is a Nationally ranked
    track runner and Dr. M goes the extra mile to get her entire body ready for weekly meets while working on problem area. She's a BLESSING to all track runners.

  • Triana Jones (Friday, February 21 14 12:54 pm EST)

    My first visit to a Chiropractor ever and Dr. Mahipat was awesome. I suffered for nearly 2 weeks with lower back pain with no relief in site. I called and was able to make an appointment for the next
    day. The staff was friendly and very knowledgable. I left my first visit feeling 100% better. I highly recommend her. She was very thorough, caring and passionate about the work she does.

  • Karla Paylor (Tuesday, April 30 13 03:27 pm EDT)

    Dr Mahipat treated my "crooked" children for almost 2 years until we moved out of the area. We all love her and highly recommend her services

  • Kim Clark (Tuesday, April 23 13 03:35 pm EDT)

    I have suffered with two herniated discs since 2007. My pain has been excruciating, sometimes to where I have been unable to lay down or walk. Cortisone injections have had a limited effect on the
    daily pain. Another physician recently referred me to Dr. Mahipat, with the statement that she was, "terrific". I have always been hesitant to seek treatment from a chiropractor, but I was tired of
    constant, severe pain. I walked into her office, begging for an appointment. She saw me right away. Wow! I was treated for about 30 minutes and walked out of her office COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I
    couldn't believe it. In addition, my whole body felt relaxed and flexible. If that wasn't enough, her smile and positive attitude was great, especially when she confidently said, "You'll be ok when
    you leave". I have since learned how knowledgeable she is about many physical ailments and how she is able to treat them. She also treats me with acupuncture for a particularly painful area. What a
    miracle! I have always been terrified of needles. Now, I look forward to them for immediate pain relief. I can't say enough about the welcoming atmosphere in her office. Her office manager, Cindy, is
    a gem! These two ladies are a winning combination. I challenge ANYONE with pain to see her. All of her patients are smiling when they leave her office, myself included. She is FANTASTIC!

  • Kris Heefner (Friday, April 05 13 10:29 pm EDT)

    Dr. Mahipat is the most caring doctor I've ever met. Her knowledge an desire to help anyone and everyone gives you such a positive vibe. She has received many awards for both her practice and her
    involvement in the community. My whole family has been treated by her and we are living a healthier pain free life as a direct result of her work. The entire staff treats you like family and you
    can't help leaving the office with a smile.

  • Holly Guidry (Friday, April 05 13 09:13 pm EDT)

    We have boys with asthma related allergies and Dr, Mahipat treated my oldest son so that he no longer requires prednisone for his asthma! She is an amazing Chiropractor with abilities to treat a
    variety of ailments for children and adults, I highly recommend her expertise and care. You feel cared for and not just like another number.

  • kris heefner (Friday, April 05 13 06:19 pm EDT)

    Dr. Mahipat is the most caring doctor I have ever met. Her knowledge and willingness to help anyone and everyone creates such a positive vibe the moment you enter the office. She is the recipient of
    many awards for being both a superstar in her field as well as helping in the comunity. She has treateded my entire family and helped us live a very active and pain free life. The entire staff treats
    you like family and you can't help leaving with a smile.

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